TEPCO IEC will operate based on the following five concepts.

  • Streamlined management, thorough cost control

  • Adoption of international standards

  • World’s highest quality of security

  • Improvement of current power quality

  • Creation of value through IT and OT convergence


Our business is as follows.

  • Business system design and operation consulting
  • Risk and security consulting for operational systems
  • Survey, analysis, planning, and design for systems and peripheral equipment
  • Sales and intermediation for systems and peripheral equipment
  • System and peripheral equipment monitoring and maintenance agents

TEPCO Power Grid is developing a next generation SCADA(*) that realizes the above five concepts.
TEPCO IEC will provide services to global electric power companies based on the findings obtained from its development.

(*)SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.
It is a kind of industrial control system and it is a general designation.
The system performs computer monitoring and process control, mainly for infrastructure equipment.

Reference material ”What’s a next generation SCADA?